Classic Cars AC For Sale

Classic ACs For Sale

Most of us think of the Cobra when it comes to classic AC Cars and although the AC Cobra is indeed an iconic classic, AC did produce other, equally excellent fare that also deserves recognition. The British firm had been building cars since the turn of the century but it wasn’t until the arrival of the sporty, two-seater Ace, unveiled in 1953 at the London Motor Show, that cemented the company’s reputation as a bona fide sports car manufacturer. Then Caroll Shelby dropped a thumping great V8 into it and the rest is history. 

Founded in 1901 by the Weller brothers, whose background was in engineering and mechanics, AC produced its first car two years later, quickly followed by a three-wheeler delivery van known as the Autocarrier and it's this vehicle that put AC on the map and gave it its name. From grand saloons to the iconic Cobra, classic AC cars remain hugely popular, with the Cobra continuing to be the classic AC flagship. 

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