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1974 Sold pre sale 1976 Porsche 912E - Offered Directly From Mike For Sale by Auction

  • 195,376 Miles
  • 1974
  • DDE244P
  • Dealer
  • United Kingdom


This lot will be auctioned via Iconic Auctioneers, Supercar Fest Sale of Iconic and Classic Cars 2024 on Saturday the 18th of May, Sywell Aerodrome, Sywell, Northampton, NN6 0BN. Even the most knowledgeable of 911 enthusiasts might look at the title '1976 Porsche 912E' and think that it didn't sound quite right. After all, the 912 was in production from 1965 until 1969 and was never fitted with fuel-injection (E for Einspritzung). The raison d'etre of the original 912 is well known as in 1964, Porsche had a problem with the sales of their new 911 proving a touch disappointing and continuing demand for the 356, which was scheduled to be phased out, necessitating that the production lines kept rolling. The solution seemed to be financial, and the decision was made to replace the 356 with a four-cylinder, more appropriately priced 911 and, as a result, the 912 was conceived. It lasted until 1969 when the Porsche 914/ VW-Porsche 914 arrived offering a mid-engined, Targa-topped roadster powered by a flat-four meaning that Porsche could now offer a more economical four-cylinder model that didn't suffer the stigma of being seen as a 'poor man's 911'.
So that was the end of the 912. Well, not quite. By 1975, 914 production was coming to a full stop but its replacement, the 924, was 14 months away leaving Porsche in North America, their biggest market, without an entry-level model. Whilst no more 914 body shells would be produced, the 914’s VW Type-4 2-litre engine was still very much in production and there was also no shortage of corrosion-resistant, galvanised chassis, G-Series 911 bodyshells, so the decision was made to mate the two, thereby reviving the four-cylinder 911 and, once again, calling it the 912. The 'E' suffix simply indicated that the car was now fitted with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, which was later adapted for the 911. Built between May 1975 and July 1976, just over 2, 000 found homes in the US.
The 912E has the same chassis as the 911 and therefore handles much like the 911 but, with less power and less weight behind the rear axle, it tends to be more forgiving and less prone to sudden oversteer. The interior is the same as the 911, though some pieces were extra cost options including two of the five gauges and the standard 15" wheels were usually replaced by 14" Fuchs or 'Cookie-Cutter' alloys.
The arrival of this rare 912E in Mike Brewer’s life appears to have been totally serendipitous and, as Mike says 'I didn’t find the car, the car found me'. A few years ago Mike and the Wheeler Dealer team were filming the purchase of a De Soto at a large North Carolina dealership. He posted a selfie on social media and not long after, a fan of the show recognised the location and turned up. He seemed a touch nervous about interrupting the filming but eventually Mike took a break and chatted to the man. Apparently he was about to go into hospital and was trying to raise some funds for his post-op medical bills. The conversation turned to Porsches and he mentioned he had a 2-litre 912 from 1976, was just about to advertise it for sale and wondered if Mike knew anyone who might be interested. He showed Mike a picture of the car, which had been hand-painted Primrose Yellow and was sitting on 'Cookie Cutters' but otherwise looked OK, and wondered whether $10, 000 would be too much (about £6, 000 at the time). I think the current expression is 'no brainer' so, after a handshake and the transfer of funds, the car was Mike’s
It was shipped back to the UK and on close inspection was 'in excellent overall condition with absolutely no rust anywhere'. A previous owner had replaced the fuel-injection with carburettors to release trapped power, a change that Mike said he would have made anyway. When stripping the car to bare metal, there remained evidence of its original blue colour and a chip of this was sent to Porsche GB and subsequently on to Stuttgart who confirmed that it was Enamel Blue, a colour used for a very short period in the mid-1970s. They duly forwarded the code to Mike, the paint was correctly mixed and the resulting colour looks fabulous. The 'Cookie Cutters' were ditched in favour of fresh 16" Fuchs on Continental tyres which sit in front of body-coloured brake calipers. The car’s half leather tan interior still presents well having required nothing more than a good clean.
More recently, the engine has been refreshed within the last 800 miles by Greatworth Classics of Banbury, Oxfordshire.
Mike speaks very highly of his little blue 912. 'Of all the classic and sports cars I own, it’s the only one I keep at home. I keep telling people thinking about buying an air-cooled 911 how they really should find time to get behind the wheel of a 912. They are more affordable to own and maintain and yet offer all the charm and quality of the more expensive classic 911. The 912 is nothing short of brilliant'.
However, needs must, and a rather exciting (and probably expensive) project is on the horizon so Mike is reluctantly offering his beloved 912 for sale.
Current images courtesy of Chris Wallbank chriswallbank. co. uk. 

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