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1950 Lea-Francis 2.5 Sports Tourer For Sale

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Lea-Francis Cars History

Lea-Francis is a British automotive marque with a rich history in the Classic Car world. Founded in Coventry, England in 1895, Lea-Francis initially started as a manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles before transitioning to automobiles in the early 1900s. The company gained prominence for producing bespoke high-quality vehicles known for their performance and craftsmanship.
During the 1920s and 1930s, Lea-Francis produced a range of elegant and sporty cars, many of which are now revered as classic examples of British automotive engineering. These cars were often favoured by enthusiasts and sports car aficionados for their lively handling and spirited performance.

Restoration and preservation efforts play a crucial role in maintaining the legacy of Lea-Francis classic cars. Many enthusiasts dedicate significant time and resources to restoring these vehicles to their former glory, ensuring that they remain roadworthy and admired for generations to come.

Events such as Vintage Car Rallies, Concours d'Elegance, and Classic Car Shows provide opportunities for owners and enthusiasts to showcase their Lea-Francis vehicles and celebrate the marque's heritage. These gatherings also serve as platforms for sharing knowledge, exchanging stories, and fostering a sense of community among classic car enthusiasts.

In recent years, there has been a growing appreciation for Lea-Francis classic cars among collectors and enthusiasts, driving up interest and values for well-preserved examples. As a result, these timeless automobiles continue to captivate enthusiasts with their beauty, history, and enduring appeal on the roads and at automotive events around the world.

This Car
This exquisite ‘1950 Lea-Francis 2. 5 litre Sports Tourer’ - is crafted in aluminium, each was a bespoke build for it's owner and when new was more expensive than the likes of the Jaguar XK120, which was it's rival at the time. Following the success of the popular 14hp model, the 2. 5 litre variant was unveiled in 1949, and was available in both Saloon and Sports Tourer versions. Its twin high camshaft engine, ingeniously crafted by Hugh Rose, drew inspiration from the pre-war Riley Big Four. Sporting distinctive individual rocker covers and dual SUH3 carburettors, alongside a compression ratio of either 7 or 7. 63:1 and high lift camshafts, it promised a thrilling ride.

Setting it apart from its predecessor, the 2. 5 litre model boasted independent front suspension and a hydro-mechanical braking system. With a fixed three-piece windscreen, wind-up windows, and a cozy rear bench seat, it leaned more towards grand touring, contrasting with the spartan 14hp Sports.

As a bespoke creation from a small-scale manufacturer, production numbers remained very modest. Only 77 2. 5 litre Sports Tourers were believed to have been produced, with only around half of them surviving today, adding to its popularity as a very rare car indeed.

This particular car, built in 1950, carries with it a tale veiled in mystery until the 1970s when it underwent an extensive body-off restoration, earning it a prestigious Concours Award. Since then, it remained within the same family for 25 years, prior to the current owner acquiring it, and it has received constant meticulous care and attention.

In recent years, significant efforts have been made to preserve its pristine condition. A bare metal respray, installation of a new red-toned tonneau cover, custom-made stainless steel exhaust manifold, and refurbishment of various mechanical components are among the recent enhancements. Its body exudes elegance, with precise shut lines and a lustrous black paint job that's sure to turn heads. Complemented by a rich dark red interior, it presents itself beauty.

This meticulously maintained vehicle continues to shine, evident by a recent triumph at the September 2023 Classic Car Show at Colchester Park, where it was rightfully bestowed with the prestigious ‘Best in Show Award’, a credit to the family who have so loving looked after it!

We don’t believe you will find a better example of this stunning Car anywhere in the world and we have looked!

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