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Classic Cars De Tomaso For Sale

Classic De Tomasos For Sale

Fondly remembered for divinely combining two of the best facets of classic cars; beautiful Italian styling and burly American V8 muscle, De Tomaso cars exemplifies a wonderfully illustrious era in the great automotive timeline where sublime, unique design met unencumbered performance to produce some of the most desirable classic cars of all time. Famous for the Pantera in particular the entirety of De Tomaso car model range, from the four-cylinder Vallelunga to the Longchamp grand tourer, deserve their place among the greats. 

Having at one time owned Italian sports car maker Maserati, as well as historically receiving healthy input from Ford, De Tomaso went from producing prototypes and race cars to building a stunning range of sports cars and luxury GTs. But unfortunately, as is the case with so many small volume manufacturers, the De Tomaso legacy would prematurely come to an end. Why not celebrate its output, then? After all, the world needs classic De Tomaso cars like the Pantera. 

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