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1969 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS, restored, Blue Sera Met. For Sale

  • 1969
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Maserati’s Tipo 115 was named after the fierce Ghibli wind that crosses vast distances displacing entire desert dunes. Despite its sheer volume, the body’s design presents with ideal proportions contoured by a fine blend of curves and straight lines. Giugaro’s confidence radiates in the absolute omission of superfluous decors other than the most minimal front grille and the carefully situated Tridents. As form follows function, its grand touring shape is well substantiated by the 450S-derived quad cam V8’s smooth yet imposing torque. When unveiled in Turin in November of 1966, it rendered all competition visually inferior and soon seized the attention of aesthetics-driven experienced artists including Sinatra, Belmondo, Delon and Davis Jr. Once production begun, a series of features were continuously upgraded with regards to interior comfort, safety, steering, shifting and engine output. In 1969 the Super Sport edition was released to highlight a 4. 9lt version of the dry-sump 4. 7lt engine that came with a revised cylinder head and four 42 DCNF carburetors producing 461 Nm of torque. Notably, throughout the entire production of 1170 coupes the body remained as originally designed with only minor changes of turn signal lights location and bumper overriders' size.
Chassis 1180 was produced in 1969 as a Super Sport coupe for the US market to feature the 4. 9lt engine and the specially ordered comfort oriented 3-speed Borg Warner automatic transmission and ZF power steering. Its engine benefits from a revised cylinder head of upgraded camshafts, hardened valve seats for unleaded fuel use, single spark plug holes and easily tuned Weber 42 DCNF/ 11 carburetors. The interior options include Air Conditioner, favorable Veglia gauges, trademark toggle switches, dashboard clock, elegant wooden steering wheel with black small horn button, adjustable steering column with lock, reclining seats and tinted electric side and heated rear glass. The front turn signal lights are mounted in most desirable location of upper grille corners with thin overriders at the front and back.
In 1991 the Ghibli was imported in Europe and 7 years later became part of a private Maserati classic masterpieces collection. In 2015 it underwent a total restoration with preservation of the original interior trim. The two-year long process entailed a bare frame restoration of the body, an overhaul of the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes. It is currently offered with recent maintenance service and can be viewed by appointment.


Year: 1969

Make: Maserati

Model: Ghibli SS (Super Sport)

Tipo: AM115/ 49

Chassis number: 1180

Engine Type: 4, 930 cc, 8-cylinder in V configuration, dry sump, single spark plug hole per cylinder, unleaded fuel compliant valve seats, four vertical twin Weber 42 DCNF/ 11 carburetors, 335 bhp at 5500 rpm 461 Nm at 4000 rpm output

Engine VIN number: 1180

Engine production serial number: ASS1705

Transmission type: 3-speed automatic

Exterior Color, code: Blu Sera Metallizzato, MM16. 439

Interior color, trim, code: Senape, Connolly leather, PAC 1775

Standard: adjustable steering column, anti-theft steering lock, dashboard clock, A/ C, reclining seats, tinted and electric windows, heated rear window.

Mid production additional features: Veglia gauges, toggle switches, console mounted ignition key, high mounted front turn signal lights, Bonaldi brake booster, single front disc calipers, Lucas radiator fans, rounded headlight tops, Campagnolo starbust 15”x7. 5” wheels, front and rear bumper overriders with rubber inserts, upper mounted front indicator lights, wooden steering wheel with smaller horn button. Bosch ignition amplifier.

Specially ordered:
- Borg Warner 3-speed automatic gearbox
- ZF Power steering

Retrofits: Audio equipment, later period cassette player

Current registration: FIVA

Current odometer reading: 45623 mi

Ownership history:
1969-1991: n/ a, Georgia USA
1991-1998: dealer collection, London, UK
1998-present: private collection, Athens, Greece

Featured in article: Drive magazine, Greece, July 2013 issue

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