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1967 Fiat Dino Spider 14,000 Miles For Sale

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  • 1967
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This is an early 2. 0-litre Dino Spider, having been built at the Fiat Mirafiori plant in Turin in December 1967. This is confirmed by a Fiat dating letter which comes as part of the history file. While not much is known of its life in Italy, by April 2016, it had come to the UK, being re-registered here in April 2016. When it had its first British MOT in January 2016, the odometer indicated 22, 342km (the equivalent 13, 880 miles). It?s now showing 22, 648km, so has had very little use over here and been dry-stored when not being driven. Although, as an historic vehicle, the Fiat no longer requires testing, it will be given a fresh ticket before sale. The V5C shows just one previous registered keeper since the Dino arrived on these shores. A full service - at a cost of close to a thousand pounds - was carried out in December 2017, and the Dino hasn?t covered many miles - or kilometres, more accurately - since this.
The Spiders are the rarer of the two Fiat Dino versions; of the 7803 cars produced, 74 per cent were coupes and just 26 per cent were convertibles. Out of the 1966-69 2. 0-litre cars, 3670 were coupes and 1163 were Spiders - so this car is a pretty special and exclusive classic.
Although it can?t be absolutely confirmed because there isn?t much of the car?s Italian history, it is believed that this Dino is original, inside and out. It certainly has the appearance of a car that, while 55 years old, has only covered 22, 648km (14, 073 miles) and just been very well-looked after. The exterior is in very good condition, with no signs of corrosion on the steel body, or the single aluminium panel that is the bootlid. The scarlet paint is still very vibrant and shiny, with no fading to pink apparent, as can often happen with red cars that have spent a lot of time in sunny environments. Most signs of age are largely confined to thinning finishes on some of the badges, no doubt through lots of polishing over the years.
The chrome is excellent throughout. The alloy wheels are genuine Cromodora items, and are holding up very well, although the centre spinners - for earlier cars had knock-off wheels rather than five-bolt ones - do show some signs of rust on their edges from where they have been undone in the past, as is common with these types of wheels. The tyres are all Michelin Radial X 205/ 70 VR14 items. While no date stamp is apparent, they look in good order with plenty of tread left and no apparent damage.
The interior gives the impression of being completely original. It?s well-preserved but there are some indications of the passage of over half a century, such as a repair to the driver?s seat. All the trim is present, and the light wooden dashboard, with matching steering wheel, is free from any issues. A period Sanyo radio is installed. While there?s room for some tidying inside, for those who prize originality, there is much to like here. All the gauges monitoring the engine function as they should and show healthy readings.
The hood is in very fine order and goes up and down with ease. Such is its condition that we believe it may be a replacement item; if not, it?s in remarkable order for something 55 years old, although it could be that it was just rarely used in the much more hospitable climate of Italy.
The degree of detailing extends under the bonnet as well, where that famous V6 engine, with Dino-branded cam covers, sits in a generally tidy and clean environment. The silver-painted air filter box dominates everything, but everything looks to be oil tight, with all the wiring and pipework as it should be.
The Dino starts, idles, drives and stops exactly as it should, thanks in part, no doubt, to it being fitted with electronic ignition as standard - these Fiats were one of the first cars to have this feature, with the Dinoplex C electronic system specially developed for the high-revving V6 by Magneti Marelli. While balancing the three twin-choke downdraught Weber 40 DCN 14 carburettors can be a complex task best left to experts, they seem all in tune on this vehicle.
In action, the car is responsive and smooth, with the five-speed transmission slick through its gate. The handling is sharp and this Dino behaves itself very well on the road. The brakes do their task with no fuss or bother, pulling the Spider up quickly and cleanly. A stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted, which gives a lovely, rich rasp to the V6.
With just 1163 2. 0-litre Fiat Dino Spiders built, there are very few now surviving in the UK.



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