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The WCC was formed in the UK during 2000 for the purpose of sharing information on the restoration and preservation of wooden-bodied shooting brakes, estate cars and station wagons, collectively known as Woodies. The club also caters for those cars with 'wood effect' or non-structural wood.

The Club welcomes all individuals who either own, or have an interest in, Woodies. Unlike most one make clubs, the WCC caters for a wide range of vehicles from British, European and American manufacturers, including classic, phantom, new-build and modified vehicles.

Because the WCC is focussed on a specific type of car bodywork, rather than make of chassis, or engine, the Club is complementary to many of the single marque clubs. In fact, the WCC is now actively working with a number of these clubs to develop a better understanding of the Woodie phenomenon. "Our vehicles are Woodies, not Woodys! A woody is a woodpecker, a Hollywood actor or a cartoon character from the film 'Toy Story', but never a type of vehicle!"

The Club caters for every type of wooden-bodied shooting brake, from classic to custom and from military to new-build vehicles.

If you already have a Woodie, are seeking one or perhaps just have an interest in these automotive wooden wonders, then you’d be most welcome as a member of the Club.

Apart from an ever-expanding knowledge-base on the restoration and preservation of Woodies, the Club is also actively exploring the history of the great many coachbuilders who constructed them. We use this material to write features for our Club magazine, The Tailgate, and these may also selectively appear on this website from time to time.

Membership of the Woodie Car Club is open to any individual who has an interest in wooden-bodied shooting brakes, estate cars and station wagons. Ownership of such a vehicle is not a prerequisite of membership.

We produce our own quarterly magazine, The Tailgate, which contains news and views on what's happening in the world of woodies, plus features on coachbuilders and restoration and preservation techniques.
While the main focus of the Club is on vehicles, events and information relating to Woodies built, sold, used in or originating from the UK the UK, we do try to keep our members informed of global news which we believe will be of benefit to them. As a result, the Club welcomes members from overseas and we already have members from Australia, America, France and Germany.
For further details on membership contact: [email protected]

Can we help?

If you have a general enquiry about Woodies then please contact Colin Peck, our Club Chairman, at: [email protected]