1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2


  • Low mileage, comprehensively restored example with photographic record of work
  • Equipped with Ferrari’s first production engine, the legendary ‘Colombo’ V12 generating 320bhp
  • Good history file dating back to 1980s
  • Beautiful interior with gentle patina of age
  • Limited use since 2012 has helped the older restoration hold up very well
  • One of the most capable GT cars of the 1960s with just 800 built
  • Very useable Maranello car with space for four adults and plenty of luggage
  • Technically advanced car with self levelling independent rear suspension delivering excellent ride and handling
  • Engaging classic Ferrari GT with 5spd manual gearbox and 0-60mph in 7.1secs

The Appeal

Other Ferraris demonstrated the firm’s prowess at winning races but it was the 365 GT 2+2 of 1967 that demonstrated the breadth of what the firm could do. Equipped with self levelling independent rear suspension, 5spd manual gearbox and that superlative ‘Colombo’ V12, the 365 was quick, comfortable, engaging and practical. And it took the GT fight right to the doors of Europe’s GT car makers like Aston Martin, Jensen and Maserati.

Just 800 365GT 2+2s left the factory of which this is one, a 1969 car that has been comprehensively restored in beautiful champagne with complementary interior. It is a very low mileage car - supported by old invoices - and is in remarkable condition. Values of these rare cars continue to rise as buyers appreciate the qualities that made them so good in period. This one looks mechanically and structurally sound and ready to enjoy or simply admire.   

The History and Paperwork

  • First registered on 2nd June 1969
  • Old invoices from 1985, 1986, 1988 and 2012 covering ongoing maintenance
  • Has covered less than 3,000 kms since 1999
  • Photographic record of structural restoration in file - body and interior fully stripped and repainted
  • 1985 Certificate D’Immatriculation for France 
  • Appears to be one family owned since acquired and moved to France

 The Interior

  • Caramel leather seats in good but apparently original condition
  • Spacious rear bucket seats in very good condition
  • Attractive leather pleated headlining in good condition with only minor marks
  • Black carpets throughout in good condition reflecting age and mileage
  • Beautiful dashboard with Veglia dials in good condition with excellent veneers
  • Chrome trim and other interior fittings complete and in good condition for age
  • High specification for age including electric windows #
  • Large boot with space for plenty of luggage
  • Matching spare wheel with complete factory tool kit 

Ferrari had exercised its GT skills with the earlier 330 but the interior of this 365 shows a company at the top of its game. Cleverly blending luxury touches like wood veneer with sports car features like the low dash top and seating, this is a distinctive and beautiful place to be.

There is a high quality feel to things that reflects the high price of these cars when new. They were largely hand built, just 800 leaving Maranello over four short years. It is also a place for four. The spacious 365 provides two proper rear seats, shaped individually, that are suitable for adults. 

The interior of this low mileage car has a gentle patina that adds definite character and appeal. Everything is in good condition but shows welcome signs of its 50+ years rather than having deteriorated. The dashboard and extensive wood veneers are in good, unmarked condition, the wood showing no visible cracking or delamination that might be expected of a car of this age. The beautiful wood-rimmed wheel with its three aluminium spokes faces a set of lovely Veglia dials, all in good condition. Just poor fit on the black plastic surround to the temperature gauge detracts. 

The caramel leather seats are in good condition, the front two showing creases and discolouration typical of age but arguably adding to the sense of this rare car’s history. The rear seats are in excellent condition, with only very light creases. The centre armrest appears to be lightly sun faded, but this may also be a trick of the light in the photographs. The beautiful pleated leather headlining is in good condition, just some light marks - that may clean off - being visible. The door cards are in very good condition, just the usual light marks commensurate with age. 

The large boot contains the matching alloy spare with complete factory tool kit. 

 The Exterior 

  • Older restoration with photographs showing the body stripped and repainted
  • Attractive Champagne metallic was a factory option
  • Beautiful Borrani-style alloy wheels with chrome knock-off spinners
  • Quality Michelin 15inch tyres fitted that appear to be in good condition with plenty of tread
  • Stylish Talbot & Co bullet-style wing mirrors
  • Distinctive styling with clever detailing like the wing vents that influenced the shape of 2+2 Ferraris into the 1980s
  • Excellent underside with professional undersealing and no visible deterioration

The 365 shape proved so distinctive and effective that it influenced 2+2 Ferrari design into the 1980s. It is a svelte, elegant design that eschews complexity in favour of simplicity, the absence of detailing helping it continue to look fresh over 50 years after this example left the factory. 

The history file shows that this car has been subject to a comprehensive body restoration that involved stripping the trim, fittings and interior and restoring and respraying. It is finished in beautiful Champagne metallic, which is period correct and suits the car’s lines. The paintwork is of a high quality and appears to be an older restoration. There are only very minor signs of age including two chips on each corner of the boot lid and the same on the bottom edge of the driver’s door. There is a crack in the paint on the scuttle. 

Elsewhere the paintwork on the C-post behind the passenger side ventilation grille and below the boot aperture on the same side is not quite perfect.

The car is fitted with what appear to be Borrani alloy wheels equipped with chrome knock-off spinners. The wheels are in very good condition, just a hint of poor paint on the edge of the driver’s side front wheel appearing to detract. They are fitted with quality Michelin 15inch tyres in good condition.

The limited badging and chromework accentuates the simplicity of the shape. What there is is in very good condition, including the lovely period Talbot and Co bullet-style wing mirrors. 

The underside of the car matches the bodywork, the photographs showing an even and clean application of underseal that likely reflects the limited use since 1999. There is a very slight dusting of surface corrosion visible in one photograph. 

The Mechanics 

  • 4390cc hand built Ferrari ‘Colombo’ V12 engine generating 320bhp
  • Independent self levelling rear suspension delivers smooth ride and excellent handling
  • 5spd manual gearbox 
  • Torque tube design delivers power smoothly to the rear wheels with minimum vibration and loss of power
  • 0-60mph in 7.1secs

Enzo Ferrari’s focus in the 1960s was on winning races and in many respects his production cars were a means of generating money to service that goal. The luxurious 365 2+2 may have been some remove from those podium finishes but the firm’s on-track performance is very evident in its technical specification.   

This 365 uses a 4390cc version of the firm’s ‘Colombo’ V12, which was developed to combine maximum performance with a very smooth, seamless delivery. Hand built, delivering 320bhp and capable of propelling this big four seater to 60mph in a shade over 7.1secs, it is a sonorous, evocative engine and a key reason to buy a 365. Power is delivered via a 5spd manual gearbox, the whole transferred to the rear wheels via a torque tube system that is high efficiency and reduces vibrations. 

The rest of the car’s technical specification is equally rarified. The 365 got self levelling independent rear suspension, a first for Ferrari. It delivered improved handling compared to its predecessors and a smoother ride for the occupants. 

The history file for this car shows invoices dating back to the 1980s. Invoices from 1999 and 2012 indicate that it has covered few miles in the intervening years. The work notably includes repairs to the braking system in 2012, including new discs and pads, and a replacement clutch in 1999 at 87,350kms. 

At the time of writing we could not view records to support the service and maintenance of the engine but the photographs of the engine bay indicate it has been maintained to a high standard. The leads and wiring look fresh and the beautiful crackle-black finish to the engine indicates recent attention.  

According to documentation with the car it was imported to France in 1985 and invoices indicate that it has remained with the same owner for much or indeed all of that time. 


It is rare to consider a Ferrari that is both beautiful and practical yet those are the intrinsic qualities of this very rare 365 GT 2+2. With its V12 engine, manual gearbox, independent rear suspension and space for four plus luggage, this does feel like the classic Ferrari that has it all.

Despite those qualities, just 800 of these cars left the factory over four years. This rare car has the advantage of very low mileage, supported by the history file, and evidence of a comprehensive, professional restoration. The 365 2+2 is a stylish and capable classic Ferrari that can be enjoyed with family and friends and this one looks very tempting. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1969
  • Make Ferrari
  • Colour
  • Odometer 0
  • Engine size
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Trade
  • Location International
  • Country France
Bidding history
22 bids
  • TINL €131,000 06/06/23
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  • carlos-•••• €122,000 06/06/23
  • TINL €121,000 06/06/23
  • debitis•••• €120,000 06/06/23
  • TINL €110,000 06/06/23
  • carlos-•••• €101,000 06/06/23
  • legacyn•••• €100,000 06/06/23
  • reinier•••• €90,000 06/06/23
  • UGO €88,500 05/06/23

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