1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 600hp Tomei 2.8L Stroker


  • Extensively modified with high-budget name-brand parts: Tomei, HKS, Tein, etc.
  • In great condition inside, out, and underneath
  • 600hp K27 single turbo with Tomei 2.8L Stroker kit and internals
  • Only 2 owners in the UK, imported from Japan in 2021 and driven very little miles since 

The Appeal

The Nissan Skyline GT-R, a household name in the realm of motorsports, tuners, enthusiasts, and collectors alike. Having found success in Group A, Group C, Group N, and Le Mans racing, the GT-R was essentially developed for homologation into production-class racing, with the added benefit of being able to sell the vehicles to the public once the development had translated from the race cars. 

During the early ‘90s, the R32 GT-R was such a powerhouse of performance and technology it took first place at the Australian Touring Car Championships from 1990 to 1993—three years in a row—until the governing body changed the rules to ban all-wheel-drive turbo cars. 

With such an impressive racing history, it’s easy to overlook its popularity and success as a production vehicle. With a massive cult following, the GT-R is synonymous with high-power, excellent AWD engineering thanks to Nissan’s ATTESA all wheel drive system, and overwhelming presence and style. With just about every name-brand aftermarket parts company producing parts for these cars, you’d be hard-pressed to find a completely stock GTR anywhere on the planet. 

With that in mind, take a look at what we have here; presented in R34 GT-R Sparkling Silver WV2 with an immense big-single K27 turbo and 2.8L stroker conversion producing a reported 600hp; the same horsepower level as the Group-A touring cars themselves. While this isn’t pushing the envelope too far in the realm of GT-R power—we’ve seen over 1,200hp from these cars with the right setup—the engine has been reliably built with huge name-brand parts and upgraded with the proper supporting mods and tuning, to consistently maintain a higher level of operation under these big-boost situations. 

Imported from Japan in 2021, this GT-R has seen an easy life and is in excellent interior, exterior, and underside condition thanks in part to a recent respray in Sparkling Silver, as well as impeccable storage and upkeep from its previous owners as documented with a full Japanese service history. More recently it has been under the care of highly-renown specialist GT-R tuning shop RK Tuning, benefitting from a reported 25-years of experience tuning and modifying GT-Rs.  

The History and Paperwork

  • Current MOT expires 23 February 2024, with no advisories present
  • Date of first registration 1st November 1991
  • Date of first registration in UK 1st June 2021
  • Complete with full Japanese service history

This Skyline comes with a large and complete history file including the full Japanese service history. From these files as well as the modifications and current condition of the car, we can also ascertain that the previous owner undertaking the modifications had a keen understanding of how to modify a car and get the most from the changes, using synergetic parts and making sure every change is calculated and backed-up with the right supporting mods. It was surely built by a professional and enjoyed and driven by a true enthusiast and Nissan lover. It is reported that the engine has only seen around 5,000 miles since the rebuild.

In addition to the love it was shown in Japan, since importation to the UK it has seen less than 1,000 kms and has been cared for by the renown GT-R tuning shop RK Tuning, with invoicing confirming the below services performed:

  • On 16th of October 2021 after import and showing 144,526 kms, RK Tuning performed a post-importation inspection and service totalling £1,500:
    • Full inspection to confirm presence of Tomei 2.8L Stroker build 
    • Compression test resulting in all cylinders testing between 180-190 psi
    • Oil service using Motul 300V oil and Nissan OEM filter
    • New NGK spark plugs
    • Timing belt inspected, Tomei belt in place and in very good condition
    • Uprated Walbro 450 fuel pump and new fuel filter
    • Rear subframe collars installed, new steering arm, and full alignment (tracking)
    • Replace headlight bulbs

  • On 22nd June 2023 RK Tuning also performed another check over and service totalling £750:
    • Full check over and oil change
    • Replacement of coil packs and wiring loom
    • New starter motor 

The current owner has their eyes set on other projects, and as such is ready to let the car go to a new owner.  

The Interior

  • Overall interior in good condition considering age
  • Gauges and electronics all in working order
  • Mostly original interior seen

Upon hopping into this one, you’ll notice that it is indeed mostly factory equipment in here. With original seats, carpets, dashboard, and pedals, most of the bits inside are from Nissan. However, there are some changes, notably a Motamec Alcantara steering wheel, matching shift and e-brake boots and knobs, and a couple of engine management and monitoring gauges to keep an eye on what’s going on underneath the hood. 

We’ve got an HKS EVC 6 Electronic Boost Controller, which provides a link to the HKS Fcon Gold 3.2 Engine control unit, and provides improved boost stability for maintaining safe boost levels as well as tuning capabilities. It provides an accurate readout of current boost pressure in kPa or PSI, the ability to map boost levels for throttle input and RPMs, and features a programmable high boost alarm with the ability to drop pressure to a pre-set level if over-boosting occurs; amongst other things. 

Also present in the interior is a Blitz analogue boost gauge, showing turbo pressure in a non-digital format. There’s also an extremely hard to find old-style logo early ‘90s NISMO gauge cluster present for those who love their rare OEM goodies.

While the two interior aftermarket gauges mentioned are high-quality brands and are indeed critical equipment, their wiring is not hidden, and it could benefit from a tidying. The Blitz gauge notably is only attached to the dashboard with double-sided tape, and would benefit from proper solid fitting, especially considering the g-forces they will be subjected to with the amount of power we’re seeing. 

Overall, the interior is in good condition for the age, and fully retains the OEM Nissan feel. It’s a comfortable car to sit in and drive, and is presented with a non-cracked original dashboard, which is increasingly rare these days; another indication that it has been properly stored over the years.

However, we do see some small burn marks on the seats, shifter bezel, and side of the centre console, but there was no trace of smoke smelled in the car. There are also some signs of wear seen mostly on the driver’s side seat bolster and shoulder rest.

JENtSO7UKl2CWrC6vKslbMGQkbwENlqJVvyJxj6R.jpg 362.79 KB

The Exterior 

  • Overall exterior in top condition
  • WedsSport SA90 wheels, light and strong construction in perfect fitment
  • Recently resprayed in R34 GT-R Sparkling Silver WV2

With a recent repainting of the exterior, this GT-R is up to speed with a great overall exterior condition, plenty of gloss, and almost no signs of its age. With an exact and remarkably straight body, we see symmetric lines and common spacing in panel gaps, body lines, and exterior trim fitting. Just a note; the exterior badges have been removed before the repaint, but they are still present with the sale as pictured.

There are of course a few very small marks from the road on the front end, as the car has actually been driven, and driven with intent, but they are hardly noticeable and do not at all detract from the overall feeling of near perfection the exterior presents with. However, we don’t see any issues with any of the low bits, the Tomei front lip is clean and shows no signs of damage other than a few chips from the road. 

We did notice that there is a slight bit of bending seen on the underside seams, where the jacking points are usually flattened when put up on a lift; this has been seen countless times before and is commonplace for these ‘90s Nissans.

The wheels have seen some use, but are of a good brand and are well-specified for the car, providing a visually pleasing wide stance thanks to a calculated offset and wheel width. We experienced no rubbing of the tires at full lock left and right and in forward and reverse while moving the vehicle around for photos. 

The underside of the car is incredible for its age. We don’t see any caked-on wax or protectant, and there were almost no signs of any rust or even any surface corrosion. This one has been dry stored and driven by what we can see, and remains in a clean and extremely tidy state underneath with nothing to hide or be ashamed of. 

The rubber bushes and CV joint covers seem to be in good shape and most recently the rear subframe collars have been fitted to provide a solid rear-end feeling. We even still have the OEM front undertray fitted, which is quite uncommon for a car of this age.

The Mechanics 

  • 2.8L RB26DETT—now RB28DETT—fully built and well-tuned to provide a reported 600hp with only 5,000 miles since rebuild
  • 5-Speed manual gearbox said to shift extremely smoothly
  • Owner states suspension, steering, braking and overall responsiveness as incredible, better than expected

We can’t let you go without mentioning the mechanics in place here. On top of the GT-R’s already incredibly over-engineered design, a fine selection of modifications are all working in tandem to improve upon what Nissan has already provided. While Nissan’s design was indeed nearly perfect, as petrolheads, it is incredibly difficult to leave a car like this as standard for long. We must make it loud, make it go fast and make it lower to the ground; it’s human nature.  

From what we can see and from the history file, the full build specification is summarized below:

  • Engine:
    • Tomei 2.8L Stroker Kit
    • Tomei Pistons
    • Tomei Crankshaft
    • Tomei Conrods
    • Tomei Oil Pump
    • Tomei Head Studs
    • ACL Race Bearings
    • Upgraded Oil Cooler
    • Oil Filter relocation kit with AN fittings
    • Blitz/Borg Warner K27 Single Turbo
    • HKS Manifold
    • HKS Fuel Rail
    • Denso 680cc Injectors
    • Walbro 450 In-Tank Fuel Pump
    • HKS Fcon Gold 3.2 ECU
    • HKS EVC Boost Controller
    • Upgraded Intercooler & Radiator
    • Jasma Exhaust
    • Sard Sports Catalytic Converter

  • Suspension/Chassis:
    • Tein coilover suspension with adjustable ride height
    • Rear subframe collars
    • Front strut tower brace

  • Brakes:
    • R34 GT-R Brembo calliper upgrade 

While the modification list is quite extensive, it is worth mentioning that the changes have been made with proper planning and tuning experience. While the car is running high boost, it is properly modified with the right ECU, fuelling, and internal engine upgrades to support the additional power. To keep a grip on the additional power, we also see the car has upgraded suspension and brakes, allowing the car to handle better than stock, and beefier brakes to make sure you can slow down reliably. 


The owner states that the vehicle is an absolute pleasure to drive, and we can confirm it is also an absolute pleasure to look at and listen to. It’s not only modified for pure unadulterated driver pleasure, it’s also set up to be comfortable and usable on a daily basis. The ride isn’t too stiff, you can still go over speed humps, and it’s not even slightly difficult to live with.

As far as driver tactile feedback goes, the car feels almost entirely stock with the brakes not requiring too much pressure, and the clutch feeling exceptionally light for the amount of torque it needs to hold up to. We wouldn’t even mind driving this in traffic on a daily basis. But when that big single turbo gets up to boost, there’s absolutely nothing like a ‘90s Nissan powerhouse to get you through your day.

Notice to bidders

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1991
  • Make Nissan
  • Model Skyline GTR
  • Colour Sparkling Silver
  • Odometer 145,154 Kilometres
  • Engine size 2800
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Kenilworth
  • Location West Midlands
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
28 bids
  • Fi•••• £31,500 22/09/23
  • sh•••• £31,250 22/09/23
  • Fi•••• £31,000 22/09/23
  • sh•••• £30,750 22/09/23
  • Fi•••• £30,500 22/09/23
  • Fi•••• £30,250 22/09/23
  • sh•••• £30,000 22/09/23
  • ha•••• £29,250 22/09/23
  • sh•••• £28,750 22/09/23
  • ha•••• £28,500 22/09/23

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