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2CVGB - The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain

The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain (2CVGB) Ltd 116 Gravel Hill, Coventry, CV4 9JN

Welcome to 2CVGB
The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain - affectionately known to all as '2CVGB' - is for owners and enthusiasts of the Citroën A-Series models: the 2CV, Dyane, Ami, Méhari, Bijou, Fourgonnette and Acadiane, as well as some of the 2CV's 'friends and relations' such as the Citroën H Van, Citroën LNA and kit-cars based on the 2CV chassis and running gear, such as the Lomax, Burton and Deauville.

2CVGB Local Groups
2CVGB is comprised of over 50 friendly local groups. Most have a monthly meeting at a local pub, and new faces are always made welcome. You don't need to be a 2CVGB member to go to your local group - and most are free to join!

10 Great Reasons to Join Now!
Whether you want technical advice, to meet new friends that share your passion, to visit new places or simply to enjoy a good read once a month, 2CVGB has a lot to offer:

2CVGB News Magazine - 68 colour pages/month
FREE vehicle valuations (£50 to non-members)
Member Discounts (e.g. ferries, car insurance)
35% Member Discount on all SPOG Parts
Over 50 lively Local Groups
2CVGB Vehicle Registers - expert help & advice
2CVGB Members' Handbook – a member exclusive!
Online Community Forum for advice and opinon
Social Events and Rallies all year round
Access to the 2CVGB Archive