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Ford Corsair Owners Club

53 Thames avenue Chelmsford Essex, CM1 2LN

The Ford Corsair Owners Club was formed in January 1985 and membership now exceeds 200. The Club exists to promote the preservation of Corsairs, to supply advice and to put Corsair owner enthusiasts in touch with each other.
A newsletter is published bi-monthly with details of Club activities, future events, spares and cars for sale. Letters and technical articles by Club Members are welcomed for inclusion in the newsletter. Club meetings are held approximately every three months at various venues throughout the country. On joining, Members are provided with a list of all other members, enabling them to get in touch with enthusiasts in their area.
We are fortunate to have as our President Mr Charles Thompson, who designed the Corsair.
Membership fee is £20.00 a year, (£10 from March to August) renewable 1st of August 2009 and £25 (£11.50 March to August) to overseas and Southern Ireland members.
We hope you find the above of interest and look forward to welcoming you to our Club.