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Ford Cortina Mk II Owners Club

Hello fellow Cortina MkII enthusiast.

Have you ever heard of our club? Our primary aim is to promote the preservation, interest and use, of the MkII Cortina in all its variants and forms. We welcome every kind of MkII Cortina into the club, whether they are Concourse winners, everyday workhorses, customised examples or even awaiting restoration.

Benefits of membership:

Access to a good supply of parts and free advice.
A bi-monthly magazine called The Indicator.
In recent years we have helped Members have their cars featured in National magazines.
We attend major shows with club stands.
Our National Rally takes place in August at Stratford upon Avon in conjunction with other Ford owners clubs. This has proven to be a huge success.

Club History:

Back in the autumn of 1988, three MkII enthusiasts met up and formed what became known as the “Ford Cortina MkII Owners Club”. This was to be the first car club in the world genuinely dedicated to the whole Ford Cortina MkII range. The club caters for all models from base model, to the 1600E and Lotus. Whilst not forgetting the special models such as Crayford, and the Savage to name but two. Over the years the membership has steadily increased both nationally and internationally, with members as far away as America and Australia, but not forgetting the solid base in the UK.