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Welcome to GCCG

Welcome to the Gay Classic Car Group (GCCG) - a club for LGBT classic car enthusiasts and their friends. The GCCG is a UK-based classic car club with over 600 mainly gay and lesbian members who enjoy a common enthusiasm for classic cars of all kinds.

But it doesn't take a vintage Sunbeam to join. The cars in the club, like their owners, vary widely in age, condition and performance... From Allegro to Zagato, we welcome everyone (and yes, we do have Allegros). Our aim is to encourage enjoyment of classic cars and motoring in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2008 with an international rally with participants from eight different nations. In the same year we welcomed our 500th member. In 2010 we reached a membership of 600 and in 2011 we look like passing 700. We've had over 40 events a year for the last few years, and with a strong regional structure there are events in most parts of the country. Why not join in the fun?

On our stand at the NEC Classic Car Show we had a couple of people say to us 'your club looks like a lot of fun, do you have to be Gay to join?' The answer is 'No!' If you are happy enough to be a member of our club and share the company of our Gay and Lesbian majority members in a spirit of friendliness and respect then we're delighted to have you aboard. You don't even have to own a classic, though most members do, and the sad cases have several!

Please explore this site to find out more about the Gay Classic Car Group. Members can also log in to a secure Members Area, with a range of facilities and a Bulletin Board area for sharing messages, pictures and information.

Use the site to find out more about us, how to join, where we are and what we have planned for the year ahead. Then contact one of our Regional Organisers to come along as a guest to one of our events. We also have friendly links with many similar clubs throughout Europe, North America and Australia, and you can see links to these too.