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Honda CX-GL Owners Club

A warm welcome to the club, we are very grateful for your support.  

  About the club
The Rules - We don’t have any, all we require is that members are not abusive.
The Constitution – We don’t want one.
Politics – We don’t like them.
Managers – We don’t have any - Individual members voluntarily take on responsibilities to organise the club for the good of the membership and all members are equal.
   Aims of the club
Enjoy ourselves – says it all.
Meet up for rides out
Attend shows to promote the club.
The club is affiliated to the BMF and the members enjoy the benefits this offers.
Help members to source spare parts
Provide a resource to help keep these bikes on the road.
The club has a web site and a forum to keep members in touch and provide help and advice.
We all have an interest in the Honda CX500 and its variants but it is not necessary to own one. Members are free to attend club functions using any form of transport they wish.