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1978 - 2011

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Was established at the request of Lada owners at an inaugural meeting which was held in September 1978 and initially administrated by the then importers SATRA Motors who acted as a clearing house for enrolment, subscriptions and fund management. Whilst the Club was initially administrated by SATRA, it was totally independent of the importers and enjoyed a special relationship with them and their successors, Motor Vehicle Imports, until the end of the importation of Lada cars in 1997.The present day Newsletter published quarterly, helps keep members up to date with all that's going on in the Club and the Lada world in general. Members' input is an invaluable source of technical DIY and tips to simplify the more obscure areas of Lada ownership. We know a man who knows the answers!

Membership is open to all enthusiasts not just Lada owners (pre-Riva, Riva, Niva and Samara). Individual and Family membership is the same, currently an initial joining fee of £12.00 and an annual renewal of £8.00. Subscriptions are reviewed at each Annual General Meeting. Membership runs from the date of enrolment for a period of 12 months ~ no sudden demand for subs a couple of months after joining! Meetings are held at various venues throughout the UK, organized by the committee or members themselves. Details of these are published in the Newsletter each quarter and all are welcome.

Further information can be obtained through the club's website.