1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 1/2 Coupe For Sale

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1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 1/2 Coupe For Sale

  • 36,000 Miles
  • United Kingdom



Laid up in by its original owner in 1972 until his death in 2014, this amazing 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 ½ Coupe is a very rare find indeed.

Although the Opalescent Golden Sand paint has oxidised, leaving a `velvet` sheen over the car`s sleek lines and (shall we call it) slight `foxing` to the bonnet louvres, the car has NEVER received any abuse or mistreatment during its (only) five years on the road. The interior, although displaying `entry/ exit` scuffing to the driver`s seat back, is simply perfect and original in every way indicating very careful ownership (and probably numerous accumulated short journeys judging by the driver`s seat). Its leather has remained supple; its carpeting throughout is original. None of the interior panels have been carelessly removed. The headlining has not buckled. Every door seal is original, every clip is in place.

The odometer reads 33, 000 miles, whereas the Service Record book indicates a speedometer change at 3, 000 miles: thus 36, 000 miles all-in. That`s a pretty healthy usage of 7, 000 miles per year!

Whilst the engine was rebuilt during recommissioning there was no external `dressing` applied, thereby retaining its `untouched` appearance commensurate with its age and history. Never restored; never pulled apart, all the panels are original, perfect, undamaged and unsullied.

All the bumper rubbers, front and rear, are still neatly in place, curled around and beneath the sharp ends of the bumper blades; the front bumper rubbers even have their little, unobtrusive, D-shaped clips holding them in place. The headlamp aperture embellishers still fit beautifully against the bonnet sandwiching the plastic trims between them, just as they left the factory. All the door and window seals are original. The heated rear window still bears the TRIPLEX transfer advising the onlooker of this desirable extra…….. and the front screen still retains its original white on black `Growler` Jaguar sticker in the bottom right hand corner.

The doors shut with the most satisfying, light, `clunk` and – amazingly – they stay shut!! And when they are shut and with the bonnet closed you witness the most perfect panel gaps……. dispelling the myth (and the salesman`s spiel of to-day!) that “E-Type gaps were dreadful even when they were new”!……. not so! The car also sits on its original Chrome wire wheels with their `curly hubs` – NOT the shallow-dished repro ones that we can only buy today, but originals with their distinctive and noticeably sharper dishing. AND the hub spinners are original to the car too. What`s more is that they bear little, if any, evidence of mallet-bashing…. and, with only five years` use, why should they?

The car contains its original Jack contained within its original Hardura envelope. Next to it sits the car`s original, unused, toolkit – and more than that: the Grease Pump is still surrounded by its paper protection and rubber band…AND: the Tyre Pressure Gauge is still sheathed in its original cellophane wrapper. How rare is that?

And finally we have the delight of seeing the car`s original, undamaged, brown plastic `envelope` with its clear plastic front. Within this we find all the original paperwork:

The car is, of course, completely useable and driving just as one would expect.

`Time-Warp` is wholly appropriate in this context. It deserves to be thoroughly appreciated and recognised for what it truly is and placed within a carefully curated collection……… for occasional use only, such is its importance. A quite, quite, remarkable E-Type and, quite probably the most original E-Type in existence.


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WinSpeed Motorsport

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