1996 Ex-Ozzy Osbourne Yamaha Banshee Quadbike


  • Ex-Ozzy Osbourne quad
  • The vehicle he broke several ribs on 
  • Left untouched since the accident
  • Running condition 
  • A rare collectable

The Appeal

Fitted with a powerful 350cc two-stroke engine the Yamaha Banshee has earned the title of King of the Dunes, due to this power and off-road-only nature it is not to be messed with, this was put to the test by the previous owner's rather famously.

The previous owner was, of course, Ozzy Osbourne who fell from this very quadbike cracking a vertebra, breaking eight ribs and his collarbone, it left him unconscious, and he even stopped breathing. But this didn’t stop the Prince of Darkness.

Over the past 20 years the quad has been left untouched as part of his Estate, today it still sits with several of the scars it gathered on that day in 2003.

The History and Paperwork

  • It is well-documented that this is Ozzy’s quad
  • There are a couple of tells that cannot be replicated
  • Firstly, the damage on the front crash bar, there are pictures with both Ozzy and Sharon around this area that show it’s the real deal
  • There is even a video on YouTube that shows Ozzy riding this quad with the damage across the front 
  • A second tell is the Yamaha decals around the bodywork
  • Probably reflecting his humorous side, they have been altered to say different things
  • Yamaha across the front now reads YA
  • Yamaha on the left of the tank reads YA AHA
  • Finally, Yamaha on the right of the tank now reads AMAHA
  • Looking at the decals, they have been removed professionally and not just rubbed off over time
  • There is also a crack in the rear wings which is believed to have occurred when it was crashed 
  • As this is solely an off-road quad there aren’t any V5s, MOTs, or invoices 
  • There is the original Yamaha handbook
  • Within this handbook is a handwritten, and somewhat ominous, message that simply reads ‘Be Safe’
  • This is believed to have been written by Sharon before Ozzy got on the quad
  • There are also several pictures taken from the internet that also help to prove that it was indeed Ozzy’s quad
  • One of the most important pieces of paperwork is a screen grab from the Estate Manager which documents the bikes that were sold in April of this year 
  • Scrolling down the list you’ll find 1x Yamaha Banshee 350 red/yellow 
  • With all of these facts, it is hard to dispute that this was Ozzy Osbournes quadbike 
  • You will not come across another opportunity to own something of this provenience again 
  • So why not hop aboard the Crazy Train that is the Yamaha Banshee 350 and add this collectable to your portfolio

The Condition

  • Damage present from Ozzy’s crash
  • No faded paintwork 
  • Funny decal wordplay
  • Unmistakeable styling
  • Full off-road specification

If the story alone doesn’t catch your eye, then maybe the styling of the Banshee will instead. An interesting looker its red and yellow bodywork twinned with the gold wheels makes for an unmissable oddity.

Casting your eye across the plastic bodywork you’ll see that it is in rather remarkable condition. Due to the nature of the material, there will be no rust spots or paint bubbling at all. Sometimes what can happen over time is UV rays can degrade the colour, but this has not happened with this quad, it is still as vibrant as the day it left the factory. 

The only area of damage on the bodywork is across the right rear mudguard. This more than likely happened when the quadbike rolled over and dug in. You can either leave it and keep it as part of the bike’s history, or you should be able to plastic weld it back together.

All of the original decals are still stuck on with no obvious peeling. There have been some adjustments made to the Yamaha decal, but these just add to the individuality of this Banshee. Another area that is a big part of the bike’s history is the damage to the front crash bar. Again, another tell that this is indeed Ozzy’s quad.

Upfront the two spotlights still illuminate when the bike is running, so should you wish to ride the bike in the dark you are more than able to.

If the lack of number plates or indicators hasn’t told you that this is an off-road-only bike, then the tyres might just. Sitting on four large knobbly off-road tyres this Banshee might be able to go just about anywhere. It is unknown how much use it got as part of Ozzy’s collection but looking at the tyres it doesn’t seem like much. 

When you climb aboard this quadbike you’ll be sitting on a rather well presented seat. Despite its well-documented history, it doesn’t seem to have any damage or marks at all. This can also be said of the handlebars. Usually, an area that might break after such a crash they could do with a little tightening but after that, you’ll easily be on your way. 

Overall, this quadbike is in really good condition. The damage does not hinder the condition of this example as it is part of its unique history. The Yamaha Banshee is rare enough as it is, but with this one’s history, it is even rarer. This is not a Shot in the Dark, this is the real deal

The Mechanics 

  • 350cc two-stroke engine 
  • Starts with a couple of kicks 
  • Sounds amazing 
  • Known to be extremely fast 

This is not a quadbike to be messed with, its twin-cylinder 350cc two-stroke engine is notorious for being a little bit of a beast. It is thanks to the performance that this type of quadbike has become a bit of legend amongst certain circles. 

Because this quad is very powerful there are warnings and notes in the handbook warning you that it is not for beginners. Perhaps the previous owner missed these pages when flicking through the handbook. Despite this though, you can still have more than enough fun at 50% throttle.

As it is an off-road-only, almost race-derived quad, there isn’t a battery fitted. All you need to do is turn the ignition on and kick a couple of times and it’ll then fire into life. What comes out of the twin tailpipes is a like mix between a heavy rock concert, and the ’60s & ‘70s. It produces a sound like no other and when you’re pushing on it will scream. Many of you will be familiar with the smell of two-stroke and it’ll probably bring back a few memories for you. 

Although the quad was started easily on the day of the photoshoot it wasn’t tested around the yard. But are you likely to ride around on something that has this kind of story? 

To match the big chunky off-road tyres, it has a very capable suspension setup. With lots of travel up front and on the rear swing arm, it should be able to conquer anything thrown at it, just as long as you can hold on. 

It is remarkable that after all these years sitting within Ozzy’s personal collection that it started so easily. What you have here is a collectable that you could, potentially, use. This instantly makes it better than a painting, or watch, because you definitely can’t ride one of those. 


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a rare and well-documented quadbike. Without the provenance of this quad, the Banshee is already an interesting proposition, but with the added benefit of its previous life, it is an extremely rare quadbike.

Stop being a Dreamer and get your hands on this amazing piece of musical, and automobile, memorabilia. 

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Vehicle specification
  • Year 1996
  • Make Yamaha
  • Model Banshee Quad Bike
  • Colour Red/Yellow
  • Odometer 0
  • Engine size 350
Auction Details
  • Seller Type Private
  • Town Gamlingay
  • Location Cambridgeshire
  • Country United Kingdom
Bidding history
13 bids from 8 bidders
  • tickfor•••• £10,500 01/12/22
  • GGAUVRY £10,250 01/12/22
  • tickfor•••• £10,000 01/12/22
  • william•••• £9,500 01/12/22
  • Collect•••• £9,000 28/11/22
  • Mish1 £8,000 28/11/22
  • Collect•••• £7,000 28/11/22
  • Mish1 £6,000 27/11/22
  • Collect•••• £5,000 26/11/22
  • Ant2000 £2,000 25/11/22

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