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This is a very sound never been welded aprilia that ron francis bought years ago in switzerland. its a very early 1300 lusso. it’s had a few club members over the years but in the last 2 years i gave it a big push to get back on the road unfortunately i got diagnosed with parkinson’s and the car been sitting once ...

30 Jul 2022

I have owned this since 2006, it has not been used since 2007. The engine is out and dismantled for inspection following the thrust bearing failing. One of the early cars to be imported new to the UK. Thus it has a leather interior and chrome bumpers. The car was restored in the late seventies and is still basically ...

29 Jul 2022

On offer here is a really lovely example of the striking and in many ways ground breaking Lancia Aprilia Berlina. A 1939,prewar Lusso car but fitted with the later,more powerfull 1500cc engine (original 1300 engine sold with car) in a very nice grey metallic with contrasting black interior. The Lancia Aprilia was the ...

27 Jul 2022

1934 Lancia Augusta Cabriolet Chassis number: 341731 Registration number: WO8978 A lovely and rare foursome drop head from Lancia. The Lancia Augusta Cabriolet is fitted with the well-known, and powerful for its size, narrow angle Lancia 1,100cc V4. This engine was used to power a variety of smaller Lancia models. The ...

23 Jul 2022
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The early history of the car is unknown, having seen the light just when the war begun it has been probably seized by the Italian or German army and used for military purposes. The first informations available date back from 1947 when the Aprilia was in Munich, Germany. The chain of ownership since is documented up ...

6 Jul 2022

This is a rare find, a one-off Augusta coach built by Viotti. Stored in the ‘70s in a dry warehouse in Turin by a collector and never used since then. Complete, except the spare wheel and one instrument. Pretty sound, straight, one a little dent on a wing. First paint still in acceptable condition, original fabric ...

27 Jun 2022