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1937 Lagonda LG45 Drophead Coupé - Excellent condition For Sale

“Collection by Vermant” is pleased to be able to offer you this truly exceptional and extremely rare Lagonda LG45 Drophead Coupé. This Lagonda is equipped with a 4. 5 liter straight six Meadows engine. This engine is coupled to a 4 speed, synchronized, G10 gearbox. The 4. 5 L engine produces a healthy 120hp, which was an enormous number back in 1937.

The car came into possession of the last owner in 2015. He acquired the car for long distance rallies abroad and used the car much in the first years of ownership. The last owner acquired the car from renowned Lagonda specialist LMB Racing in Belgium. They had completely restored the car for the previous owner. After restoration was complete, the car was put up for sale. During this restoration both body and drivetrain where overhauled. Uprated parts were fitted to the engine, to make it more durable. It was fitted with a new steel crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons,…

When looking at the exterior of this Lagonda, we can find one of the most distinct colours for a British automobile. British Racing Green. The paint of the car was professionally redone during the restoration of the car several years ago. Today, the paintwork is still in excellent condition. On the front of the car, we can find the beautiful and distinctive Lagonda front grille. To complement the British Racing Green colour, black wire wheels have been fitted. These are a great combination with the black mohair softtop.

When looking at the interior of the car, we can find a very beautifully patinated interior. This has been finished in a very dark brown colour. This interior is still in very good condition and can be enjoyed for many more years and trips to come. Continuing in the interior, we can find a wood finish on both the doorpanels and the dashboard. This was refinished during the restoration and has no flaking or blemishes in the varnish. A common problem on these types of dashboards.

To aid in the practicality and usability of this Lagonda car. Some modifications were performed. During its restoration, it was converted from 6V to 12V. This allows for stronger batteries to be fitted and subsequently also a stronger starter and alternator. Must haves during longer trips. Another feature on these pre war Lagonda’s is the inverted position of the accelerator and brake pedal. To make the car more user friendly, the brake pedal and accelerator have been switched to the current standard (brake middle, accelerator right). Fortunately, all these modifications are minor and can be converted back to original without any problem.

This Lagonda is a unique opportunity to add a legendary classic to your collection. It is ready to be driven and enjoyed again by its future caretaker.

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